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Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click Paid Search

Paid Search Services

Paid search can take two forms. We are certified in both.

Google Adwords Consultant


Traditional Text Search Ads

These ads are controlled by an auction platform like Google ads or Bing ads that place a text ad along with any ad extensions in a search engine results page. We utilize data and the ad platform to align all aspects of the auction between ads, keywords, targeting options, and landing pages to win the auctions that matter.


PLA's or Shopping Ads

These ads are controlled by a product-based feed in addition to the auction platform. The listing places a picture along with product data into search engine results page for searches that appear to match a shopping intent. We optimize both the feed and the ad platform to win the auctions for searches that matter to your business.


We are fanatics about quality scores.

Although PPC is more of a controlled advertising effort, there is still an algorithm that dictates when ads are served and who they are served to – quality scores are the key influencers. A “quality score” is Google or Bing’s rating of an ad’s relevance and quality to a particular keyword. It considers multiple factors such as click-through-rate, at text relevance, keyword relevance to ad group, and landing page quality and relevance. The purpose of quality score ratings is to provide the search engine user with the best user experience possible for their intended query.

Fortunately, quality scores impact search in a way that gives businesses the opportunity to compete with powerhouse brands. If an ad has a better quality score than that of a big brand, Google will reward it with higher ad rankings and lower costs.

In addition to these services, we provide regular reporting on month over month and year over year performance metrics, including clicks, cost per click, conversions, phone calls, return on ad spend, and more. We provide transparent recommendations on budget and segmentation to equip you with the information to make well-informed decisions and grow your business.

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